im ok with doubles!

kin aesthetic: protagonist, gay, dead, severe depression, cat, bird name

* = no longer/not invested in source
** = complicated case, not really kin in the traditional sense

honestly only the like first 3 sections are important


nagito komaeda - dangan ronpa ☆☆☆
minato arisato / makoto yuki - persona 3 ☆☆


robin (m) - fire emblem awakening well this came on really suddenly but ok
akira kurusu - persona 5
makoto naegi - dangan ronpa
aoba seragaki - dramatical murder
shintaro kisaragi - kagerou project
shulk - xenoblade chronicles


shuuichi saihara - dangan ronpa v3
ventus - kingdom hearts


im reluctant to put these on public kin pages for various reasons

keith kogane - voltron legendary defender
noodle - gorillaz
ichimatsu matsuno - osomatsu-san
chat noir - miraculous ladybug
nepeta leijon* - homestuck
shinji ikari* - neon genesis evangelion
luciel choi / 707* - mystic messenger

note on nepeta: i believe i was her before i actually knew i was kin. homestuck used to be a really important part of my life and i still reference it today; however, i've now left homestuck behind me and am not interested in meeting canonmates or anything (unless by chance)

other / not kin / relatable

asriel* - undertale
yuuichiro hyakuya* ** - owari no seraph
raven - teen titans
vaporeon, suicune, keldeo - pokemon
crona gorgon - soul eater

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